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CCTV Systems

There are many valid reasons for employing a CCTV video security camera system that extend beyond simple monitoring of your premises. The type of security system that you choose will depend on exactly what your purpose is for monitoring activities.

We supply & install CCTV for all environments, by utilising only the highest quality reliable equipment we can install systems in areas where it's not possible to install conventional CCTV equipment.

A CCTV security system can be as simple as one camera and one monitor, or as complex as dozens of cameras relaying the images they capture to a bank of monitors - or a personal computer.

In just a few short years, the capabilities of video monitoring have gone from unwieldy, bulky wired cameras and videotapes with banks of monitors for real time surveillance to tiny dome cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom to cover up to 1600 square feet - and be accessed by a personal computer, PDA or other wireless device from anywhere in the world.

Today's technology can create a camera that can pan, tilt and zoom to focus on multiple areas, track movements, turn itself on when it senses movements and send/record digital quality images.

The type of security camera that you choose will depend, in large part, on the use you intend for it. Outdoor surveillance cameras, for instance, require weatherproofing that isn't necessary if your intent is to only monitor the interior of your building. In poorly lighted areas, you might find it worth the extra expense to invest in infrared security cameras. Hidden security cameras may suit your needs for secret surveillance.

Modern-day technology has made it possible to create covert CCTV cameras that are small enough to fit into an alarm clock radio, that can be submerged underwater for long periods of time, that are weather proof for mounting outdoors - in fact, for nearly any use and positioning you can imagine.

CCTV cameras are usually wired into a recording device to allow the recording of what they monitor for later viewing. A digital CCTV camera may record images to a DVR (digital video recorder), or to the hard drive of a network server or even a personal computer.

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