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Fire Alarm Maintenance Service

Without regular fire alarm maintenance, you might as well have no fire alarms at all.

Either you risk having a faulty fire alarm, in which case you may have numerous false alarms, which leads to complacency, distrust and the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome, or your fire alarm won?t sound when you need it to, and the consequences of that don?t bear thinking about. Having a regular fire alarm service ensures that your system is in full working order and your home or business is secure.

Fire alarm maintenance is also critical to fulfilling the conditions of your insurance cover; if you?ve declared that you have a fire alarm you?re obliged to have it maintained. As part of our fire alarm maintenance service we not only provide all the records and documents you need to satisfy your insurance company and reduce your insurance premiums, we also have our own insurance policy which covers you in the highly unlikely event of an alarm system failure.

Fire Alarm Testing

We provide fire alarm testing as part of our fire alarm maintenance package, visiting your home or commercial premises four times a year to carry out a complete alarm system check.

Fire alarm testing involves checking the condition and operation of all detectors, call points, the status of the back-up batteries and the overall fire alarm system performance.

Fire Alarm Installation

Fire alarms installation should only be carried out by highly qualified specialists, and our team is extremely well trained. We design, supply and carry out fire alarm installation for all sorts of properties; from small houses to blocks of flats, from single-site businesses to large-scale commercial fire alarm installation across multiple sites. Contact us now to discuss your needs and request a quote.

Fire Alarm Regulations

The Fire Precautions Regulations specify that any business with 5 or more employees needs to carry out a written risk assessment for the property and have an emergency plan in place. There are various other regulations for businesses where members of the public are on the premises; your facilities manager should be on top of the latest rules. Fire alarm regulations place an equally important obligation on businesses to ensure that the system is functioning properly; if it?s not kept in working order the local fire brigade is empowered to serve enforcement notices and even close down your building entirely.

Fire alarm regulations stipulate daily, weekly, quarterly and annual checks for the various component parts of a fire alarm system. Contact us if you?re concerned that your business is in danger of breaching regulations, and we?ll help put you straight.

Fire Alarm Inspection

In order to ensure you comply with current fire alarm regulations Guardian Fire & Security?s engineers can undertake a complete fire alarm inspection, testing for full compliance. We?ll then issue you with a fire alarm inspection certificate and report, highlighting any updates or improvements that need to be carried out.

Don?t let your investment go to waste: Contact us now to discuss a fire alarm maintenance package that doesn?t tie you into a long-term contract, that?s at a fixed price for the lifetime of your existing alarm system, and includes three free emergency call-outs each and every year.

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