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Guardian Security Safes

Unless you?ve installed the very best residential security systems or business security systems, it will always be possible for someone to gain access to your property. So one of the best security investments you can make is in safes.

Of course there are different safes for different needs, so it?s worth taking expert advice. Home safes come to meet all budgets, some fire-proof safes are surprisingly affordable and will give you protection against theft and fire damage.

We source and supply:

  • Hotels & Hospitals
  • Large Factories & Warehouses
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Nursing Homes, Complex Offices & Multifunctional Buildings

Dudley Safes

Dudley Safes are one of the world?s best known safe manufacturers, with a reputation in security that?s second to none. We?re authorised resellers of Dudley safes, and can recommend the right safe for your needs. That?s all the way up to explosive-resistant safes.

Of course we don?t only supply Dudley Safes, we recommend the right equipment for the job and for your budget.

Security Safes

High security safes are especially important when you want controlled access to the contents. We source deposit safes and high security safes with cash ratings of up to ?150,000.

These are especially well suited to the hotel industry, where you may want staff to be able to deposit cash or valuables, but not have access to the contents once the deposit has been made.

Floor & Wall Safess

The most secure safes are those you can?t just lift and remove. Covert safes make an enormous amount of sense: in an ideal world you?re not just deterring the burglar, you?re fooling him entirely. We source, supply and fit a range of under-floor safes and wall safes, and can advise on the best models for your particular home or business situation.

If you?ve got valuables you want to keep safe in the event of fire or burglary, contact us now for free advice and even a free site security review.

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